Thursday, 14 November 2013

How to piss off a Brit

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Oh yess... pissing off people is quite easy here, especially if you don't know the cultural do's and don'ts.
 So here you go, a list on how to piss off British people.

  • Ignore the difference between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland 
Depending on the sensitiveness, it might just be enough to call a Scottish person British. Or worse, European! I find this topic especially annoying. Whenever I get into this with a British person and they ask me in return "wouldn't you find it annoying if they called you european instead of german?"-  ummm NO? They need to get over this identity crisis for goodness sake, it is a pain in the bum.
  • Jump queues
This is really easy to do. I have done it many of times, by accident of course. Everyone loves queuing here, doesn't matter where. I recall a situation where we were waiting in a sort of lobby of a cinema because it wasn't open yet. The lobby had a roof and it was nasty outside, so everyone was just huddling in, mostly in the corners (because you know, you don't just stand in the middle of the lobby by yourself). And then people started randomly queuing all the way on to the street, instead of just coming in to the middle of the lobby. This only got funnier when they started complaining that people weren't queuing smart enough and wasting too much space. Oh the joy of telling them that no one is actually in line!
  • Don't offer your seat to an elderly person in the bus
This is probably the same in every country, but there are a lot (!) of old people on the busses here. Everyone jumps up when an old person comes in, it is so weird to watch. 
  • Don't say sorry or excuse me when you go past someone in the supermarket
This bugs me sometimes, just because it is so silly when you say sorry to someone because you are grabbing something from the shelf in front of them. You basically apologize for everything you go in the supermarket. That's why I like shopping in empty stores. In Germany, no one cares (which I do find rude by now, this is how weird I got!)
  • Admit that you don't like the Queen
Weird one. I find the Queen weird in the way that everyone is so smitten by her and I just think she comes across like an old grumpy lady. But that's my lesson learned, do not say that out loud.

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