Saturday, 5 July 2014

Dreaming about: Graduation.

photo credit: Aston University via photopin cc

It's graduation time right now here in the UK and it makes me so SUPER excited for my own graduation next year!
Germany sadly has no tradition in this sense whatsoever, there is no proper graduation ceremony for most courses and everyone just sort of ...leaves and that's it.
Sometimes when I'm asked why I came to the UK to study I say it's because of the graduation ceremony that includes the gown and the hat and all of that traditional fun stuff. Obviously I came for other reasons as well, but (to be honest) I am really glad that graduation is a big deal here.
Probably still not as big as in the US, but still.

What I am not excited about (not yet at least) is the time after graduation- where to go, what to do. Too much to figure out! I don't want to move out of this lovely flat, I am sad to (probably) leave Edinburgh, make a new start ... all so terrifying.
ANYWAYS, the actual graduation day is something I am SO excited for. My parents and my sister coming here, taking a lot of fun pictures with everyone, going out for dinner/lunch after...  needless to say I am super jealous that my friends had this super sunny day on their graduation this year.
ONLY 360 days left until it's gonna be ME!

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