Monday, 14 July 2014

Scotland on Screen {part III, Highlands}

First of all, YAY WORLD CUP! Totally gutted that I can't be in Germany where everyone's is partying like crazy.
So anyhow, last year I started a little series of posts about Scotland in movies. We have part #1 with Edinburgh, then part #2 with Glasgow, and now this is going to be the final post featuring films that were filmed in the Highlands (& islands).

1. Local Hero
This is a quite old film and I remember watching it for a class here at uni. It's about an American business man coming to a tiny tiny village in Scotland in order to secure a deal with the locals. Obviously everything goes wrong from here.

2. Harry Potter
This is clearly not a surprise and I think it was only through Harry Potter, that the world became fully aware of Scotland and its beauty. This is just a small clip where they talk about how it was filming in the Highlands.

3. Skyfall
I am not really a James Bond film and I haven't seen this one either, despite the hype when it came in to the cinema. Anyways, part of it takes place in Scotland and it just looks gorgeous. When I went to the Highlands last year, we drove to the area where this was filmed. Just as beautiful in real life, is that's even possible.

4. The Decoy Bride
This is definitely not the most successful thing David Tennant has done, and it is not a really mind blowing piece of film.It is also shot on the Isle of Man, which is not Scotland, I admit. However, it looks very similar and in the movie they pretend that it is Scotland.So it counts for me! Again, the highlands look absolutely stunning and it just makes me want to live on on of these deserted islands where everything is just a little bit different.

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