Monday, 28 July 2014

ROAD TRIP// Alligators at a gas station

Imagine this regular super hot day in the middle of Alabama. Denise and I are looking for a lake or really just any sort of WAER to swim in and hang out at. Texas is full of beautiful swimming holes, natural pools and springs and all that. We were a bit disappointed when that was not the case in Alabama, but there is a pretty good explanation for that. Alligators.

Obviously there are not alligators everywhere, but they can be in certain waters and that makes swimming clearly a bit more dangerous.
Now this swimming hole down here in the picture was beautiful and we were SO excited, but it was somehow booked for a private party and we weren't invited >< BUMMER

We then drove somewhere else, and on the way we stopped at a tiny weird gas station to get snacks. And then there was a fenced in area, and people standing around looing at something.

It all made sense when I was this sign.

So there it was, just like that. SO WEIRD!!!!!

So there was just this alligator hanging out next to the gas station.
Alright, Alabama.

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