Sunday, 20 July 2014

ROAD TRIP// Little Grand Canyon (+ #lifewithdenise)

I was SO stoked when I found out that there was a sort of canyon near Eufaula. We only had to cross over to Georgia (actually enter a whole different time zone, which we didn't even realize) and enter the Providence State Park and there it was. The only picture I saw of it before looked something like this (^^) and I therefore suspected that the canyon is probably really tiny. It really wasn't- it has these amazing shades of red and white and brown and surrounded by all the green, it is super beautiful. The funny thing about this canyon is that, compared to the Grand Canyon, it is not actually made of rocks but sand. This thing developed the way it did because of farmers mistreating the land and not through (millions of) yeeears of erosion etc like the one in Arizona. You can just look at it from these viewing platforms, but there is also a hiking path that leads you down in to the canyon. We did that the next day and it was both scary but also really cool.You are not allowed to scratch off the walls or climb on the little sandy hills because that would eventually destroy it. Weird, isn't it? Looks totally like rocks to me from far away.

The whole area is pretty deserted it seems, but as usual in America, the park was well taken care of, but (we assume) because it was off season, there was not really anyone there. Really cool if you don't like to be bothered, but also a bit creepy. 

So on our hiking day, the info center in the park was closed as was everything else (also no phone reception!) and there were only these maps, so we took one to make sure we are not actually gonna die in that canyon. At the start of the trail there was a guest book where hikers could leave their name and stuff. All these posters at the info center about poisonous snakes and spiders seriously got me a bit scared and so I scribbled (in VERY LARGE LETTERS) our names and phone number and date etc. (In my head I already saw the helicopters coming and saving us after hours in the darkness haha). So then we finally properly started walking down in to the canyon, but still every little noise in the bushes made us jump.
You see, Denise has a lot of special talents and one is definitely that she attracts (like a huge freakin magnet) a little bit of drama and misfortune, to say the least. This was just one of those moments, she takes out the map to make sure we are still going the right way and bam, she just rips it right where the important bit is (by accident, she claims). There is really nothing more fitting (in my opinion) than the hashtag #lifewithdenise. 
This could easily turn in to a TV series, let me tell ya. So far though, only Instagram has been graced with this genius idea.

 Anyway, the hike went well and beside a dead baby boar we didn't find that much scary stuff down there. So enjoy the pictures!

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