Wednesday, 23 July 2014

WHAT UP, Edinburgh

It is SO SO WARM! It's crazy, let me tell you. So crazy that I had to purposely take a cold shower today. That usually never happens. We were even able to have dinner in the garden (that we just keep using, not even sure if we are "allowed"). Having the window open all day long.
Oh my, Edinburgh.
What is happening.

I really really hope that the weather will stay like this aaaall the way through August, all the way through the Fringe. Next week I will already be starting my new job and will work full time during the festival, just like last year.  Hopefully my team will be amazing, the shows will be fun and it will be all good times. I feel very lucky to be able to experience the festival for the whole time, given that a lot of the visitors are just there for like a weekend or maybe a whole week. Being there for 25 days is very cool and gives you a very different view of this madness that changes a whole city.

What I am (almost) even more so looking forward to is my summer holiday afterwards. Me and my looovely (and dearly missed) flatmates are heading out to Turkey for two weeks to get a proper tan (and swim and eat and have SO much fun). HOORAY!!!!


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