Tuesday, 15 July 2014

ROAD TRIP// Florida: Dolphin Cruise

If you have followed me all the way since 2010 (I can't believe that's already four years ago), then you know that I went to Hawaii that year and sort of fulfilled my dream of swimming with a dolphin. Yes it was at the very questionable Sea World, nevertheless it was amazing and dolphins remain on the list of animals I will never be sick of (despite all the sh*t Denise is talking about them haha).
Therefore I just had to book a dolphin cruise when we stayed at the beach in Florida. As with every tourist beach destination, there are loads of operators and I always find it overwhelming. We just booked a tour that was advertised on Groupon, which made it cheap as well. Obviously it is never certain that dolphins are gonna show up, so we didn't want to spend that much money it.

So we went on this little boat, super early in the morning (okay it was like 9am but that is EARLY!) and took off. To be honest, it gets a bit boring after a while when you don't see anything but waves that really look like dolphins. However, we were lucky and saw a group of three dolphins and (very stalker like) followed them for a while until they disappeared. In my imagination, I thought it was gonna be a whole group of dolphins that are just jumping out of the water next to the boat but I guess that doesn't happen that often... (SUPER DISAPPOINTING)
Something very cool happened though: A MASSIVE sea turtle just casually swam by and then obviously it got frightened because a whole boatload of people just stared at it haha.

What I really really reaaaaally wanna do is go on like a whale watching cruise and see a super huge whale come out of the water. Like right next to me. That's the dream!

But yeah, this was cool too.

yay dolphins!

there again, three this time!

we earned this lunch at the beach

the perfect beach

super empty, thank god!

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