Saturday, 12 July 2014

ROAD TRIP// Covington, Louisiana

When I'm traveling, I love to explore places that are somehow movie/TV related. For me this mostly means finding the places that have appeared on screen. The south of the US has been features loads, and I think we all can think of one movie/series or another. I think of The Notebook, The Lucky One, Sweet Home Alabama, The Last Song, Endless Love, Hart of Dixie etc... After my research I found that a lot of those movies were filmed in Covington. There was even a movie map for the town, showing all the different spots and the matching movie. Anyways, one day we just decided to go there and I didn't have that map with me unfortunately and we had to make the most of it by just googling etc.

Now here is the thing, and I just discovered that days after we went there. The Covington I was looking up was in Georgia, whereas we were in Covington, Louisiana. Oh damn you USA and all those same named towns! We still had a great time of just driving around and finding these absolutely gorgeous looking alleys and little dead end streets. I LOVED IT.
Then we also went to this one lake that was supposedly in The Lucky One but um...I don't think it was it. Pretty though!

Again, loads of pictures of trees covered in Spanish Moss. It's an addiction, don't judge me!

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