Sunday, 13 July 2014


This probably sounds really snobby, but Florida has never really tickled my fancy. I love the beach, but it always seemed to me like Florida was just this lame state full of retired people and Disney World. Yes this is very prejudiced, forgive me Florida! We had a great time there and as I was doing my research, I discovered so many other things I really wanted to do or see in the area but we didn't have enough time.

Just so guys can imagine where in Florida we went, here is a little map of our route.  The pink state line you see is the border between Alabama and Florida and #7,8,9,10 are all in Florida. So we were veeeery north and pretty close to Alabama. #7 is Navarre Beach, which is where we stayed for around 4 days. #8 is Milton, FL where we went to go ziplining (so much fun!) #9 is a beautiful swimming hole called Ponce de Leon, which unfortunately was super crowded with teenagers (it was Saturday, what can you expect). #10 is Marianna, a random small town we stayed for one night.
Screenshot from our route created with Roadtrippers

These pictures were taken at the less populated side of Navarre Beach- The beach was pretty much empty and the sunset was incredible.

Stay tuned, there will be a couple more posts about Florida ;)


  1. Wow, sieht mal wieder richtig toll aus! Die Roadtrip Fotos sind alle richtig schön geworden :)

  2. haha I definitely felt the same way about Florida (in fact about most of the USA... and then I moved to Texas!) - but you're right, its beautiful. As are your photographs!

    Kate xx

    1. Aw thank you Kate!
      The top thing on my list is to see Manatees!!! Cannot believe that they are actually hanging out in Florida over the winter, they seem like such magical creatures :)